Our Philosophy

When looking at a photo or video there are so many things that we find out about not only its subject – but also about its maker.

The way in which colours are used and how light is played with: it all tells us something about the origins. And when used with great consistency, a unique style of photography and videography will pierce through the noise and be instantly recognisable.

Simply by picking your unique lane and deciding on colours, lights, and style, you will be able to communicate your story in the most effective manner.

It can easily be mimicked for a next time, so that your communication remains strong in uniformity!

FILMD combines its unique strengths in photography, videography and graphic design onto something good.

It can get just the right pictures at the right moments, no compromising needed. Straight from the photographer’s or videographers reel to the graphic designer’s screen, all working as part of the same team.

This serves a specific purpose – to deliver exactly what we want to.

We can fully finetune the process to optimise the way in which we deliver the exact right story. The story that is probably already in your head, as the owner of a product or service, but that may need some translating into relatable images for the outside world.

Let us be that translator and we will help you on your way.

We will decide on a strategy, the right image and the full visual execution. All to tell your story in an uplifting combination of photography and design.